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我是您的移动私人小助理,您到哪,我的服务就到哪。注重客户感受,非常注重回头率及客户反馈。把握质量的生命线,坚决不做一锤子 .只交一辈子的朋友。很多城市均可安排,洋酒也有.



贵的客人: 非常感谢您选择我的服务!您可以选择您喜爱的项目,将为您提供最好的身心之旅!洗去您一身的疲劳和烦恼吧!快快联系我吧13929505444.AC1392950


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Our business team can act as your mobile personal assistant, wherever you go, our services will be there. We consider highly each customer experience. We pay great attention to each customers' experience and feedback. Quality is our focus, not quantity. We are here to earn your business for a lifetime. Our services are available in any city (even outside of China). In addition to Chinese providers, we also have foreign providers throughout China and throughout the world.

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If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us by phone, email or weChat - many ladies in China do not want there photos posted online, but they are still available for incall and outcall services - we can assist you by getting you in touch with the right escort or massage girl for your needs

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Newest China Escorts

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Latest China Escorts - Verified Profiles and Contact Information

Crissy - Foshan
Bella - Qingdao
Abby - Tianjin
Lily - Wuhan
Nancy - Chongqing
Hope - Wuhan
Joan - Tianjin
Roxy - Xiamen
Lisa - Harbin
Kitty - Changzhou
睿淑 Ruì shū - 北京Beijing
武汉伴游 Wuhan Escort - 徽因 Huī yīn
广州伴游 Guangzhou Escort - 苡沫 Yǐ mò
常州伴游 Changzhou Escort - 周玉清 Zhōuyùqīng
成都伴游 Chengdu Escort - 语汐 Yǔ xī
重庆伴游 Chongqing Escort - 清脆 Qīngcuì
上海伴游 Shanghai Escort - 琦琦 Qí qí
武汉人妖 Wuhan Ladyboy - 茗泽 Míngzé
音韵 Yīnyùn - 南通 Nantong
芷蕾 Zhǐlěi - 宁波 Ningbo
霜降 Shuāngjiàng - 无锡 Wuxi
菁菁 Jīngjīng - 佛山 Foshan
一簇 Yī cù - 北京 Beijing
安静 Ānjìng - 北京 Beijing
柏林 Bǎilínq - 合肥 Hefei
青年 Qīngnián - 广州 Guangzhou
旖婷 Yǐtíng - 苏州 Suzhou
明亮 Míngliàng - 大连 Dalian
娜拉 Nàlā - 成都 Chengdu
烈焱Lièyàn - 成都 Chengdu
紫罗兰 Zǐluólán - 广州 Guangzhou
雪崩 Xuěbēng - 厦门 Xiamen
节奏 Jiézòu - 天津 Tianjin
水草 Shuǐcǎo - 深圳 Shenzhen
木材 Mùcái - 杭州 Hangzhou
美玉 Měiyù - 苏州 Suzhou
纯洁无暇 Chúnjié wú xiá - 武汉 Wuhan
花苞 Huābāo - 上海 Shanghai
楚辞 Chǔcí - 北京 Beijing
容貌 Róngmào - 合肥 Hefei
桂花 Guìhuā - 杭州 Hangzhou
清晰 Qīngxī - 沉阳 Shenyang
娅楠 Yànán - 苏州 Suzhou
费莉希蒂 Felicity - 上海 Shanghai
艾米丽 Emily - 青岛 Qingdao
玛丽 Mary - 合肥 Hefei
凯伦 Karen - 昆山 Kunshan
莎朗 Sharon - 沉阳 Shenyang
凯瑟琳 Catherine - 深圳 Shenzhen
托里 Tori - 哈尔滨 Harbin
杰米 Jamie - 无锡 Wuxi
莱克西 Lexi - 厦门 Xiamen
达维娜 Davina - 武汉 Wuhan
Sarah - 上海 Shanghai
Holly - 上海 Shanghai
Shelby - 常州 Changzhou
Tammy - 成都 Chengdu
Holly - 宁波 Ningbo
Sarah - 成都 Chengdu
Dillon - 合肥 Hefei
Elena - 重庆 Chongqing
Melissa - 哈尔滨 Harbin
Sora - 宁波 Ningbo
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Popular China Escorts

Zi Xuan - Suzhou
Zhen Zhen - Shanghai
Annie - Beijing
Beth - Harbin
Ava - Dongguan
Amanda - Fuzhou
Ming Zhu - Hangzhou
Jade - Foshan
Hui Qing - Guangzhou
Heather - Hefei
Eve - Harbin
Karen - Harbin
Naomi - Tianjin
Iris - Wuhan
Alaina - Xiamen
Sherry - Changsha
Fay - Changzhou
Annie - Beijing
Nian Zhen - Chengdu
Michelle - Dalian
Debby - Chongqing
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Top China Escorts is a growing site dedicated to listing legitimate service providers in China.

We provide listings for independent escorts and escort agencies. Each listing is validated before it is listed. In the event a listing becomes suspicious it will either be marked as such, or it will be removed entirely from the site.

There a several different categories for each listing: VERIFIED - These listings are only marked when we have personally verified the authenticity of the photos provided - NOT VERIFIED - These listings are provided "as is" by the provider (or agency) - they are usually either newer listings, or they have never received any negative feedback regarding their listings - an independent or agency may remain in "not verified" status indefinitely as long as we have no negative reasons to remove them - they can, of course, become verified or authenticated at any point; NEW - These listings are less than thirty days old; OUT OF DATE - These listing have not been edited, or the photos and information has not been updated in more than six months; SUSPICIOUS - These listings have received negative feedback, usually claiming the photos or information in the listing is fake or false - a listing may also be marked as suspicious if we find the provided photos elsewhere online with conflicting information - these listings are subject to regular scrutiny by our staff and may eventually be removed if not validated.

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