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Top China Escorts is a growing site dedicated to listing legitimate service providers in China.

We provide listings for independent escorts and escort agencies. Each listing is validated before it is listed. In the event a listing becomes suspicious it will either be marked as such, or it will be removed entirely from the site.

There a several different categories for each listing: VERIFIED - These listings are only marked when we have personally verified the authenticity of the photos provided - NOT VERIFIED - These listings are provided "as is" by the provider (or agency) - they are usually either newer listings, or they have never received any negative feedback regarding their listings - an independent or agency may remain in "not verified" status indefinitely as long as we have no negative reasons to remove them - they can, of course, become verified or authenticated at any point; NEW - These listings are less than thirty days old; OUT OF DATE - These listing have not been edited, or the photos and information has not been updated in more than six months; SUSPICIOUS - These listings have received negative feedback, usually claiming the photos or information in the listing is fake or false - a listing may also be marked as suspicious if we find the provided photos elsewhere online with conflicting information - these listings are subject to regular scrutiny by our staff and may eventually be removed if not validated.

If you would like to place an advertisement, please submit your information using our contact form. We offer free advertisements as well as several paid options.